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Who Are We?

Otti is a social enterprise dedicated to innovating & researching learning solutions to ignite human potential in the digital era. We serve organisations & government bodies in developing digital leaders and digital talents. All learning solutions are based on Otti original frameworks for future-ready talents, designed with human-centred approach & inspired by brain sciences.

“Otti” symbolises the “Mind” and the “Heart”, originating from the words “Otak” and “Hati” in our homeland Malaysia.

Our Purpose

Igniting Human Potential

- nurturing minds and hearts to shape a progressive future.

Our Values

Why We Exist

Imagine one day when you wake up, all the technology in the world disappeared. How would your life be different? Without realising, we are deep into the digital era. Digital technology is integrated into the way we live, work and socialise.


In the digital era, everyone agrees — talents and leaders need “digital competencies”. Otti started off as Digital Way Academy, designing and delivering trainings for digital competencies. However, we quickly noticed that there’s something missing… the human side.


Digital competencies is only part of the equation. 

What makes a “great” digital talent goes beyond digital competencies.

A “good” Software Developer can code; a “great” Software Developer can understand the needs and experiences of users. A “good” Data Analyst can analyse a set of data; a “great” Data Analyst can think deeply and observe underlying patterns.

It requires human competencies. Strengths that are unique to humans (and humans only).

This is why Otti was born - to ignite human potential in the digital era. With our powerful brains,  we aspire to empower people to… 

  • Not just think; innovate.

  • Not just feel; connect.

  • Not just talk; communicate.

  • Not just do; act intentionally.


Within each of us is a flame. A flame of potential. It holds a million “what ifs”; it holds our sorrows; it holds our dreams. It’s full of life potential - if we dare to explore.


Otti is here to grow your flame. 

To walk the journey with you to create a better future - for you, and for all of us.

About Otti

Igniting Human Potential

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