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1. What is the DELA ?
DELA stands for “Digital Expert & Leadership Accelerator”, is an accelerator fully sponsored by TalentCorp which aims to unlock your full potential in the digital industry. This accelerator is designed to empower you, the high potential talents with the precise skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic digital landscape.

2. Can you provide more details about the Accelerator?
During the Accelerator, you will be in sync with the most updated industry insights, guided by experts who are at the forefront of their fields. You will gain practical, relevant skills that will enhance your working experience, while exploring essential Human Competency skills that will bring out the very best in you. 

The accelerator will be conducted twice-weekly, two hours per session for 6 weeks. It is fully online and in a part-time learning mode.

3. What is Human Competency?
Human Competency refers to essential skills and qualities that are crucial for personal and professional success. These skills encompass areas like mindset, emotional intelligence, thinking skills, effective communication and problem solving. 
In DELA, we prioritise developing these skills with our original frameworks to help you to become a well-rounded professional who can excel in the digital industry and leadership roles. This accelerator will enable you to thrive in today’s dynamic workplace.

4. Who provides the expertise during the Accelerator?
Throughout the accelerator, you will have the privilege of learning from industry, academic and Human Competency experts. These well-rounded experts ensure that you receive top-notch guidance and insights, both in industry and leadership aspects, and essential human skills.

5. How does the Industry Immersion work?
Industry immersion is an integral part of the DELA program. You will have the chance to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained during the accelerator in the workplace setting. Upon completion of the Accelerator, you’ll also gain access to post-program consultations and forums.

​​6. Is DELA a paid program, or is it fully sponsored?
DELA is a fully sponsored accelerator by TalentCorp, there are zero costs for you. It’s a valuable opportunity to advance your skills and career at no expense.
7. Is there a specific commitment, or employment requirement after completing DELA?
You will continue your employment at the working company accordingly as per contract arrangement. For recently employed talents, there is a requirement for continued employment within the company from a specific date, talk to us to find out more!

8. Where can I find more information about DELA if I still have questions?
If you have more questions about DELA, don’t hesitate to reach us out through Faralynne & Naim (click here).  And don’t worry, our team doesn’t bite - we are here to help!

Don't let this one-time opportunity pass you by. Join us in this exciting journey of career growth and personal development. Together, we'll elevate your career to a new level!

Join the 3rd Cohort of DELA!

Start date: 21ˢᵗ May 2024

Limited spots available.

Application deadline: 7ᵗʰ May 2024

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